About Us


Board Members:

President: Steve Wanichek 

Secretary: Morgan Erwin

Treasurer: Eric Kimball

Membership: Steve Wanichek
Fundraising: Don Davis

Other board members:  Kathy Utschinski, 

 Ben Case, Casey Waddell, John Sullivan,

Scott Shields, Jeff Schulke

The Big Blue Boosters of Walla Walla is a non-profit organization which provides funds for projects and equipment at the high school.  From swim caps for the swim team to new iPads for coaches, the goal is to help our student athlete's and coaches by enhancing the quality of their athletic experience.  


MAKING IT HAPPEN:  We make this happen through our membership drive, gym and sponsor programs, and donations.  


The Big Blue Boosters of Walla Walla is a 501c3. Memberships and donations may be claimed as a charitable donation for tax purposes. We accept donations at any time during the year to help support athletes.

The Big Blue Boosters promotes

athletic excellence,

pride and sportsmanship