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How We Help

Team Meals

Team Bonding is a huge part of the High School Athletic Experience. Big Blue is happy to help support Team Bonding with team meals.


Shooting Machine

When the Shooting Machine used by Boys & Girls Basketball needed replacement, Big Blue stepped in and purchased a new machine for the programs to share.


Coach and Player Gear

Each season, we get many requests for Coach Gear and Team Practice Jerseys, Hoodies, Shooting Shirts and other goods that help our coaches look professional, and our teams look united on the field or court.


Gym Floor Update

When the Gym Floor was redone in 2022, Big Blue was integral in funding the finished new look.

gym floor.jpg

Track Equipment

In 2023, Big Blue provided the Track Team with a new lap counter and hurdle carts.


State Meals

When our Blue Devils make it to State Competition, Big Blue is honored to treat them to a nice meal while traveling. It's become a tradition for our teams while at State.

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